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Data integrity & Business re-engineering

Usually when a company enrolls into a data clean-up exercise the focus is mainly on the in-depth analysis and profiling of the data.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step back from the in-depth look at data cleaning to get some perspective.

You should start asking questions like “Why is data dirty in the first place?”,  “Are any of the clean-up exercise that we are currently doing reversible ?” or “Does this really need to become an ongoing process ?” Continue reading Data integrity & Business re-engineering

Why do we end up with Dirty Data [platform agnostic] ?

One of the biggest themes in operational databases and data warehouses alike that is universally recognized but far too often ignored is the cleanliness of the data.

From hundreds of meetings with data processing and IS staff, I have identified three consistent themes.

Although these three themes stand out dramatically as the biggest problems in corporate data access, the same data processing and IS staffs that identify them are usually attacking only the first two of them. Continue reading Why do we end up with Dirty Data [platform agnostic] ?