#Thresqlips series #XML, Auto & Path – Episode 2

Welcome back to the weekly #thresqlips series comprising of three sql tips, definitions or “must-know”‘s that should be part of your database development vocabulary:

Thresqlip No 1. The RAW option can be used with the ROOT or ELEMENTS keywords or both to customize your expected XML stream. The ROOT and ELEMENTS keywords are optional.

Thresqlip No 2  Raw and Auto modes both can use the ELEMENTS option. If ELEMENTS is not used, then both Raw and Auto will display your XML stream in attributes.

Thresqlip No 3.  Path mode queries recognize a syntax called XPath to easily customize the layout.

What a #Thresqlip is?  A #Thresqlip is that sneaky piece of information that sometimes eludes you exactly when you need it. It’s that 3 seconds tip that you get from one of your colleagues and unblocks that piece of code you’re trying to fit together. Ultimately a  #Thresqlip is the coolest thing that has been around since the beginning of software development helping developers all around the world, pretty much just like a Super Hero.

Why three ? Well, One is too little, two is not enough and three is the magic number.

i-have-a-dream (1)
Like Martin Luther King Jr we too have a dream, we will get all the #Thresqlips together.
If you find yourself in the possession of a #Thresqlip that you’re just dying to share with the world send it across to thresqlips [ at ] dotnetsql.info or post it as a comment below and we’ll make sure it will get the proper recognition.

Until next time,

                                keep learning, keep searching and keep succeeding!

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